Choose the best agro chemicals products for Crop Protection 

Agrochemical products are farmers’ main weapon to protect their crops against pests, viruses, bacteria, weeds, and antimicrobials. Farmers need such agrochemicals to kill or control different pests that damage crops and significantly reduce the farm yield. Although many types of chemicals are available in the market as pesticides, it’s not easy to find a product that is very effective against pests. Therefore, it’s always better to choose the best agro chemicals products.

With increasing population, the pressure on the agriculture sector has increased. It needs to maintain the crop production at a very high level. As a result, the use of pesticides in agriculture has become so widespread that the term pesticide is now synonymous with plant protection products. However, there are different kinds of pesticides based on their purpose or the type of pests they target, such as insecticides for killing insects, herbicides for weeds, rodents for rodents, and fungicides for controlling fungi, mould, and mildew.

Evolution of the Best Agro chemicals Products

Farmers have been using pesticides for a very long time. Even in ancient times, pesticides protected crops from harmful insects and pests. In the medieval age, some people used sulfur as a pesticide to protect their crops, while others took help from highly poisonous chemicals like arsenic and lead for crop protection. Chinese mainly depended on arsenic and mercury compounds to eliminate pests, while Romans used oil, ash, and sulfur to protect their crops and livestock from various pests.

In the nineteenth century, a new trend emerged by using natural techniques that included substances like the roots of tropical vegetables and chrysanthemums. Finally, Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane (DDT) came in 1939 and created a revolution with its effectiveness against pests. However, the indiscriminate use of DDT caused many side effects and was banned in most countries. Since then, agricultural scientists have continuously worked to develop the best agro chemicals products to control pests.

Agrochemical pesticides are mainly divided into four categories. 

Organochlorine Pesticides

DDT, or dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, is the most popular Organochlorine pesticide. In the 1960s, farmers used this pesticide extensively, which gave rise to many environmental and health issues. Some other pesticides from this category are Dieldrin, endosulfan, heptachlor, dicofol, and methoxychlor.

Organophosphorus Pesticides

Organophosphate pesticides are supposed to be a better alternative to organochlorines. The most common pesticide from this group is Glyphosate. It’s mainly used as a herbicide in India, especially after introducing genetically modified versions of soybean and maize. Some other popular pesticides from the Organophosphorus family are malathion, parathion, and dimethoate. 

Carbamate Pesticides

Carbamates and pesticides are preferred for sprays to kill insects by paralyzing their nervous systems. Farmers apply such pesticides to crops or soil as systemic insecticides. The effect of Carbamates lasts from a few hours to several months and is effective against aphids, scale, whitefly, and lace bugs. People also use such pesticides in homes to kill cockroaches, ants, fleas, crickets, and bugs. Common examples of carbamate pesticides are Aldicarb, carbaryl, Carbofuran, propoxur, oxamyl and terbucarb. 

Other Chemical Pesticides

Some other pesticides that don’t belong to the abovementioned categories are Atrazine, simazine, and ametrine. Synthetic pesticides like pyrethroids, fenvalerate, permethrin, and sumithrin are usually safer than most popular pesticides.

There is undoubtedly huge demand for the best agro chemicals products in India to increase crop yield, but public health should always remain the main concern. Hence, pesticide manufacturers need to focus on producing high-quality, safe, and safe pesticides.

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