How To Choose The Right Air Flow Equipment?

It comes as no surprise that air showers in cleanrooms are quite a common occurrence today. They offer a large variety of benefits and are competitively priced. More importantly, they have become essential considering the impurities around us. 

You might wonder what an air shower is. Air showers essentially provide class 100 HEPA filtered air at a very high velocity and remove impurities from a cleanroom. Since they filter out unnecessary contaminants, they are effective in keeping your product safe.

Benefits and features of air showers 

How important do you think air showers in cleanrooms are today? Let’s find out by understanding some good features and benefits that they offer. 

  • They remove potential contaminants and impurities and add an extra layer of protection to your goods and your employees too. 
  • They are available in different capacities ranging from a one-person air shower to one that can be used for 30 to 40 persons at once. 
  • Higher quality air showers are resistant to corrosion, serve you longer, and are easy on the pocket as far as maintenance is concerned. 

Choosing the right vendor for your airflow equipment 

Once you have decided to install an air shower, you need to identify the right vendor to purchase your equipment. Choose a vendor who can offer you a good brand and after-sales care, should something go wrong. Here are some tips for selecting the right one. 

Commitment to clients 

A good vendor will not place too much emphasis on immediate profits and rather focus on long-term relationships with their clients. So, consider a vendor who is transparent, communicative, and has great client testimonials. Experienced vendors like Syntec Airflow System are likely to help you with all your services and requirements. 

Good quality product and service 

A great product is non-negotiable. Professional after-sales service is a good add-on. Make sure that your vendor has professional standards of quality and service. Examine and inspect their products yourself till you are satisfied. 

Experience and expertise 

Look for a vendor who has had the experience. Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and other industries usually warrant an experienced vendor, so you can get good references from such companies. Ask relevant questions about the quality standards, service, efficiency of the installation team, and the experience.  

Energy efficiency and sustainability 

Industrial equipment can often end up not suiting the environment in the long run. However, several vendors are sensitive to the impact on the planet and invest in building sustainable and environmentally-friendly units. Make sure to shortlist vendors who are heavily invested in energy efficiency and sustainability. 

You might feel sceptical about the cost involved, however, air showers typically cost much less than your cleanroom itself. And they play a crucial role in keeping your products and employees pollutant and particulate-free. 

If you have more questions on Cleanroom air showers or would like to install one, get in touch with us today for more details. We are available to answer your questions and provide a demo if you need one. 

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