Optimal turnkey solutions for cleanroom designs at Quantum Pharmatech

Hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry is a prerequisite that ensures the quality of pharma products. Clean air and surroundings prevent the transmission of pathogens when the medicine manufacturing process is on. A hygienically impeccable interior climate is mandatory in pharma labs. It is possible to achieve all this only through cleanroom designs with air handling systems. AHU design in Pharma helps in mitigating and avoiding air-borne pathogens.

Why is air quality pivotal in the Pharma sector?

Air quality is of great importance in pharmaceutical applications. The air handling units installed in this sector offer tremendous advantages to prevent the infiltration of pathogens. They protect the staff from microbes and help in hygienic medicine manufacturing. They prevent the ingress of dust in the system and enhance the operation of machinery.

Importance of Air Handling Units units in Pharma companies:

Laboratories and the other functioning units of the Pharmaceutical companies should have cleanroom designs. These cleanrooms should have air handling systems within their premises. The advantages of such systems in its premises are,

  • It controls the spread of airborne pathogens. They use high-efficiency air filtration with the help of HEPA filters and help control airborne particles.
  • They maintain appropriate room pressure. The areas that involve drug manufacturing should maintain positive pressure. This also helps the areas to stay cleaner and pump in cleaner air.
  • AHUs help maintain space moisture and relative humidity in the space. Humidity can affect the stability and efficacy of the drugs. Maintaining appropriate humidity is also mandatory to mold the tablets. 
  • Air handling units in the pharma industry will help in maintaining the appropriate temperature. It thus checks the growth of microbes in the premises. 
  • They mitigate the generation and transmission of microbes and other contaminants in pharmaceutical cleanrooms. 

Cleanroom designs and their importance:

Cleanroom designs are a must for sensitive environments. These include pharmaceutical labs, hospital intensive care units, food preparation units, cosmetics industry, etc. The manufacturing units in these sectors have complex mechanical systems. Cleanroom designs help in optimizing their energy and operations costs. Installing a cleanroom design is a complex endeavor. It involves many steps such as,

  1. Framing the layout for the cleanroom to optimize the flow of people and material. 
  2. The space cleanliness framework should appeal to the regulations framed by the authoritative bodies.
  3. The next step is to get the space pressurization details correct. This is an important step that prevents the infiltration of pathogens inside the cleanroom. 
  4. Determining the airflow in the space, which includes the air exfiltration flow. Air balance is also checked in the creation of cleanroom designs. 

Apart from these essential components, it is also mandatory to evaluate the temperature and laminarity in the cleanrooms. It is also important to maintain the humidity, noise level, and vibration in the cleanroom under control. The traditional cleanroom designs are laid with complex calculations. The amount of effort that is put into their planning reflects on their performance. 

Planning and executing a cleanroom design is a tedious task. The best alternative is to adopt cleanroom turnkey solutions from Quantum Pharmatech. They offer exceptional projects as per the norms of the national and international bodies. Their turnkey solutions are under the specific requirements of the clients. These turnkey solutions meet the needs of various sectors such as the herbal, cosmetics, homeopathy, and food industries. 

Air handling unit designs from Quantum Pharmatech:

The ultimate intention of AHUs in the cleanroom designs is to render exceptional air exchange. They help pump insufficient oxygen and remove excess carbon dioxide. They help in maintaining a favorable room climate in laboratories. The air handling systems also possess a barrier screening technique to mitigate the concentration of pathogens. They help to offer temperature and humidity control to remove contaminants and odors.

Quantum Pharmatech is one of the best places to find optimal solutions for AHU design in the pharma sector. They are pioneers in rendering expert cleanroom turnkey solutions for the herbal, homeopathy, biotech, cosmetics, and food industries. The cleanroom designs from quantum Pharmatech were established with the vision to erect and operate exceptional manufacturing units.

Apart from offering turnkey solutions for cleanroom design and air handling unit designs, they also offer turnkey solutions for,

  • Air conditioning and heat ventilation design, 
  • Plant utility design
  • Boiler drawings
  • Machinery selection
  • Civil engineering design etc. 

The layout designs and turnkey solutions abide by the norms of the regulatory bodies. Their expertise and knowledge help them to execute projects in all scales and complexities. They complete their work ahead of the schedule and are affordable as well.

Final words:

Quantum Pharmatech is a pioneer in rendering innovative turnkey solutions for pharma and related industries. Their solutions are tested and certified by the regulatory bodies and will ensure impeccable quality in the installations. The solutions are open for customization and are also very affordable with a short turnaround time.

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