What is the future of business intelligence, particularly reporting, forecasting, and predictive analytics?

Business Intelligence uses data mining, data visualization, and business analytics tools to help organizations make data-driven decisions. Business Intelligence has been in practice since the inception of the business and was seen as a tool to share business information across organizations. With the advent of computers and modern information technology systems, it is possible to derive more reliant business intelligence solutions. Modern business intelligence solutions focus on governing data through trusted platforms, thus creating specific insights and empowering businesses. 

The Future of Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence is a rapidly developing software that enhances the predictive abilities of businesses and streamlines their workforce. It uses artificial intelligence tools to analyze historical data and helps with forecasting and actionable insights. Data analytics and BI are capable of intertwining with third-party systems to simplify the data processing methods. It expands the technology infrastructure of organizations and helps them adopt a data-driven culture to be practiced in their everyday practices. 

Business intelligence has extensive scope in the businesses of modern times. According to the report published by Gartner, businesses lose an estimated $15 million annually owing to poor data processing techniques. It thus becomes important to adapt to accurate data processing methods powered by Business Intelligence tools. Analytics, big data, and business intelligence go hand in hand and help businesses to face their operational challenges and perform better than their competitors.

Business Intelligence has diverse functionalities in a business enterprise, and the most important ones are reporting and forecasting business insights and predicting the future of the business. The other functionalities are as follows.

1. Reporting:

Business Intelligence reporting is the process of using business intelligence tools to analyze data and derive actionable insights. Appropriate business reporting helps key decision-makers in an enterprise enhance their decisions and improve their business performance. It also helps in sharing the data analysis with the key stakeholders to help them draw meaningful conclusions. The scope of BI reporting ranges from static reports to creating interactive dashboards and embedded analytics. 

2. Forecasting:

Business intelligence makes business forecasting easy within the business setup. It utilizes the real-time raw data derived from multiple areas in the company and uses both the current and the historical data to offer accurate forecasts. This also facilitates data-driven decisions and predictive analytics.

3. Predictive analytics:

Predictive analytics is an important function of business intelligence, and it makes use of historical data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence tools to predict the future. This historical data is fed into a mathematical model that considers the key trends and patterns in the data. This model will then be applied to current data to predict the future. Predictive analytics will help businesses and enterprises with expert suggestions for positive operational growth.

4. Statistical analysis and visualization of data:

Business Intelligence not only derives results from descriptive analytics, it further explores the data with the help of statistical tools to ascertain its how and why. Analytics and BI also convert the analysis into visual representations such as graphs, charts, histograms, etc., for better understanding. 

5. KPI and benchmarking:

Business intelligence tools compare the current business performance data with historical data to derive important performance KPIs. Its tools benchmark business performance against business goals and deliver them through interactive and customized dashboards. 

BI platforms that help you harness the complete benefits of analytical tools:

Business intelligence helps companies make better decisions and helps them run more smoothly and efficiently than the competitors. Kockpit is an expert BI consulting and development firm that helps businesses with actionable insights, covering all their business functions. Its AI-driven analytics, big data, and business intelligence solutions will help businesses attain real-time insights into their business processes. 

Its big data consultation services help businesses to leverage their big data to analyze and optimize them and make better business decisions. It allows businesses to define new strategies and harness the best fit technologies to enhance their business process and ROI. Kockpit helps companies to create and maintain a huge data warehouse and helps replace resource-intensive manual analytics with simple and robust solutions. With the help of business intelligence solutions, businesses can make faster decisions, gain a competitive advantage and boost return on investments.

Its enterprise-grade data management and business intelligence solutions help organizations with an expert data governance model, both to preserve historical data and to seek valuable insights from them. It helps organizations get data-driven and delivers unparalleled solutions to foster business growth from every possible angle.


The ultimate aim of business intelligence is to improve the organization’s business operations through the use of relevant data. BI platforms like Kockpit help businesses with the right tools to transform the collected data into valuable insights, thus helping them to outperform their competitors.

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