Hire, develop, and train the workforce with English-speaking tests

The English-speaking tests combine the best of human and artificial intelligence and are exceptionally useful in assessing the language abilities of the candidate. These proficiency tests help to measure the fluency of the team in the English language. These proficiency tests will help rate the individual on the basis of essential grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills.

What does the English-speaking test assess?

The English proficiency tests help to measure the ability of the candidate to understand the language they read and hear. These types of tests help to assess the English proficiency of students, job applicants, visa seekers, and employees. Employers and organizations make use of English-speaking tests to assess the skill levels of the candidate from a business context. These tests also can assess how well an employee is able to communicate in customer service calls, sales meetings, etc. 

Thus, these tests measure how well a job applicant is able to communicate in English, with a keen focus on their speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. These tests also assess the candidate for their English proficiency in specific business skills.

How is the English proficiency test conducted?

Generally, the voice and accent trainers and accessors will evaluate the English skills of their prospective hires. They do this by offering them a language proficiency test. With the help of these tests, they evaluate the 

  • Fluency
  • Accent
  • Intonation
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar of the candidates

The assessor will also scrutinize the test for errors and measure the extent of trainability that the candidate requires. With the help of the English-speaking tests, the assessor will be able to group the prospective hires into trainable and non-trainable groups. This also is a step in ensuring the suitability for employment. 

Credibility of AI-powered English speaking test by Mercer | Mettl:

The innovative English-speaking test by Mercer | Mettl, known as SpeechX, is powered by artificial intelligence technology. It helps to assess the ability of the candidate to speak and understand English. This is a scalable tool to assess the capacity of the hires with an extremely high level of screening. It also serves as a ready-to-use assessment tool for corporate houses. It helps them to hire employees for specific sales profiles and roles that face clients. The best features of this tool are as follows.

  • SpeechX is a video-proctored assessment tool that analyzes the English proficiency of the candidate in two aspects, namely, the ability to listen and articulate in English clearly. 
  • The tool makes use of linguistics to identify correct and incorrect information in the speech of the candidate. 
  • It also detects errors in extempore speech. 
  • The best feature of the tool is that it makes use of para-linguistic voice analytics to measure the clarity of the candidate’s statements.

What are the language components assessed by SpeechX software?

The inherent language components that are assessed and measured by the Speech X software are pronunciation, English fluency, grammar, and listening comprehension of the candidate.

Bottom Line:

Thus, the SpeechX English-speaking test software from Mercer | Mettl makes use of advanced analytics and speech recognition techniques to assess the language abilities of people. This is a very accurate tool that conducts accurate assessments for millions of people across geographical domains. 

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