List of best 5 Indian Schools in Dubai

Dubai provides everything you could want in terms of luxurious living, shopping, and entertainment. Also, there are other factors that Indian immigrants from India need to consider. Being close to a good school is important when looking for a place to reside, especially for families. Which is better for your kids, though? The blog explore the list of indian schools in dubai.

Best 5 Indian Schools in Dubai

1. International School of Indian Language, Dubai

One of the top schools in Dubai offering the CBSE curriculum, GIIS uses its 9GEMS holistic framework, which has won awards, to foster cross-curricular learning. The school is spread across 22 campuses in 7 different countries. This list of indian schools in dubai employ the Montessori method of instruction for students in grades KG1 and KG2. It discourage some traditional achievement metrics. This Indian Schools in Dubai start learning in an adequately prepare and helpful learning environment and incorporates grades and assessments.

Additionally, the school offers smart classes for all age groups to maximize the effectiveness of instruction. Every year, the school registers students for admission in August, and the application screening process begins in January. There are four step in the admissions process, and both the students and their parents must participate fully.

2. Dubai’s Indian High School

This school was the first Indian Schools in Dubai to be established by Indians living abroad when it opened its doors in 1961. Every enrollment, ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 9, is contingent only on the results of the Eligibility Test and a principal interview. Seats are to be had, and the authentic school leaving certificates or transfer certificates must be shown. Additionally, the school keeps a wonderful transportation provider that serves all 3 of this renown Indian school’s locations in Dubai.

3. Dubai’s Delhi Private School

Delhi Private School prioritize the improvement of each scholar’s specific ability by supplying a wide range of extracurricular, highbrow, and creative activities further to lecturers. The college is among the fine Indian Schools in Dubai and uses a curriculum based totally on the CBSE. Students are stimulated to apprehend and be given international variety as a result. The college monitor every scholar’s progress and development, and parents are encouraged to take part in the same way. Students in classes 11 and 12 have the choice of selecting from Science, Commerce, or Humanities, while Upper Primary courses (or center college) give language picks. This is in line with the Indian educational system.

4. Dubai’s Primus Private School

Since its founding in 2008, the Primus Private School has served as an inclusive educational organization for college students in Kindergarten through class 12. The faculty uses both the Indian educational gadget and the CBSE curriculum. It takes satisfaction in providing pupils with thorough and properly-rounded training.

An auditorium, specialized technology, and computer labs, artwork and track rooms, an indoor sports region with a desk tennis setup, a Kindergarten play area, a football field, a properly stocked library, swimming pools, and a KG rumpus room are just a few of the amenities the faculty offers to its students.

Students in kindergarten and college can choose from quite a number of extracurricular activities presented by means of Primus Private School. The co-curricular activities are held in a peaceful setting to assist our kids’s creativity, self-esteem, self-belief, and normal increase.

5. Amity School Dubai

The Amity School Dubai is among the list of indian schools in dubai. Also, Amity Education Group has a song report of turning youngsters into a hit adult. They give attention to a holistic educational gadget that educates children academically, socially, and emotionally through their numerous ranges of maturation at the same time as adhering to the CBSE curriculum.

Pre-KG to Grade 7 students are universal at Amity School Dubai. You are welcome to take a guided excursion of the college previous to the admissions system. For additional facts, forestall by the office or send a letter to the school registrar to begin the software system. Before being admitted, all college students may be invited to an evaluation. For Pre-KG kids, the minimum age is 3 years old, and it will increase by means of three hundred and sixty-five days for every grade stage. Your child’s grade stage for transfers to Grade 2 and up is determined via the curriculum they have studied.


Many Indian households living overseas choose Dubai due to the abundance of decent Indian colleges there. This blog briefs the list of indian schools in dubai provides parents with peace of thoughts. Also, their children will get hold of the great schooling based totally on Indian way of life and values.

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