Master the IELTS Exam Syllabus

IELTS is an important test for evaluating the English language skills of students interested in joining overseas universities for higher studies. Since students stay in these countries for two to three years, they need an excellent knowledge of the English language to communicate. If they don’t possess a good command of the language, it will be an uphill task for them to survive in a foreign country.

The IELTS Exam Syllabus has two parts:

The Academic Writing

The Academic writing part of IELTS includes two tasks. The selected topics are usually of common interest, and their level is suitable for candidates who plan to join undergraduate and postgraduate courses in foreign countries.

Task 1

To complete this task, candidates get a graph, table, chart, and diagram. They need to explain, summarize and describe the information using their own words. Candidates must interpret and explain a given data and represent the different stages of a process. They must also demonstrate its working through a flowchart and describe an object or an event.

Task 2

To finish this task, candidates must write an essay with their viewpoint, problem, or argument. Candidates also need to ensure that their responses are formal and academic. They should support opinions through suitable examples.

IELTS syllabus 2023 – Speaking

The purpose of the Speaking test is to assess candidates’ skills in spoken English. This test has three parts, and the examiner records everything for evaluation purposes. There is a virtual interview with an examiner. There is also a provision for candidates to rehearse and prepare responses in advance. The duration of this test is 10 to 15.

Part 1

This part of the Speaking test contains questions about the candidate’s home, family, work, studies, and hobbies. The duration of this test is around four to five minutes.

Part 2

In this part, candidates get a printed card that includes a topic. They get one minute for the preparation and two minutes for speaking on that topic. Candidates get one or two questions on the same subject to complete the second part of the speaking test.

Part 3

This part is the extension of part 2. Here, candidates get further questions related to the subject of Part 2. Such questions aim to allow candidates to discuss their abstract ideas and issues. The duration of this test is four to five minutes.

However, candidates should be careful to use a neutral accent while answering in the Speaking section.

GMAT Pattern

Anyone who plans to join a foreign university to pursue a business and management course has to appear in the GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test. The objective of the GMAT syllabus is to evaluate candidates’ analytical, reading, and writing skills in the English language. Candidates should be of a minimum age of 18 or above. The usual cut-off score for premier business schools is 550 or more.

GMAT syllabus 2023

The current GMAT pattern is different from the earlier one. The highlights of the current syllabus have been listed here for information.

The Math syllabus for GMAT will now include reflection questions;

The current GMAT syllabus will also have conversion questions;

All questions in GMAT will now have options like “both” and “neither.”

Coordinate geometry is now added to the GMAT curriculum;

In the GMAT Online Exam and curriculum, there have been significant changes. It’s the “Enhanced GMAT Online Exam – Addition of the GMAT AWA Section.”

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