PLAB EXam and MS in USA For Indian Students

The US is the most popular country for international students, attracting nearly one million students annually to its universities. In addition to being friendly and welcoming, Americans make the country a beautiful destination for Indians. Pursuing a Masters’s degree in the USA is an excellent way to combine two passions – studies and travel.

Have you thought about studying in the United States but needed to know where to start? 

But you might need clarification about which college, university, or city to choose. With more than 5000 colleges and universities in the USA, it’s easy to get lost in random information and waste time. So We have a few main pointers to consider if you want to pursue MS in USA for Indian students.

First, you should check your eligibility for MS in the USA. An average score of 65 to 70% and 16 years of prior education are required for a bachelor’s degree with three to four years of experience in the field. In addition, Proof of English language competency (IELTS/TOEFL) and a GRE score of at least 290 are required. Lastly, At least two letters of recommendation (LORs) and a Statement of Purpose (SOP).

Then, You need to check the best courses for MS in the USA. we have listed some of the best MS courses in the USA.

  • Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Science in Robotics
  • Master of Science in Pharmacology
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Science in Data Science
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Internet Technology
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity
  • Master of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Bioinformatics

After this, you need to know which universities offer the best MS in the US.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge

Stanford University

Harvard University Cambridge

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


University of Chicago

Princeton University

University of Pennsylvania

Yale University New Haven

Cornell University Ithaca

Columbia University

Go through these universities’ websites and do your research and then choose the university you like!

Is IELTS enough for MS in the USA?

Yes. Many educational institutions in the United States accept IELTS exam scores. However, it depends on your university and programme will ultimately determine the precise IELTS score criteria.

Also, if you want to pursue medicine in the UK, You need to take PLAB Exam.

What is PLAB Exam?

To demonstrate that international medical graduates are capable of practising medicine in the United Kingdom, they must complete the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB). Medical school is accessed through the PLAB Exam for the United Kingdom.

Eligibility of PLab Exam

You must have passed the final test that earns you that degree to be eligible to take the PLAB 1 exam. Additionally, You need to submit proof that you passed the final exams for your PMQ degree. The primary qualification of the candidates must be accepted for limited registration by a medical school listed in the World Health Organization Directory of Medical Schools.

Also, Candidates must have taken IELTS and received a minimum overall score of 7 and a minimum score of 7.0 in each of the four language modules. 

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