Top 10 Schools in Agra, CBSE Board, Offering the Best Education

Agra is the city of the Taj Mahal and has wonderful historical implications on the country’s rich history of Mughal era representation, brilliant pieces, and structures. Agra is famed for its travel significance, hotels, hospitality, traditional markets, and small industries, and it hosts a lot of kid-friendly parks. 

The city is also a great place for schooling centers and education, hosting many reputational schools and other institutions such as colleges. Here, we discuss some of the best schools of CBSE board, New Delhi school education. Keep reading to find out.

Top10 Schools in Agra, CBSE

1. Sharda World School

Sharda World School has the concept of Water, Earth, and Air as its base. The different elements represent the different stages of school learning and the core values instituted in the children. The CBSE board has granted authorization to English as the dialect of instruction. There are facilities for day education and boarding that can accommodate 400-plus students. These facilities combine housing scholars with day scholars.

2. St. Clare’s Senior Secondary School

St. Clare’s Senior Secondary School is one of the oldest schools in Agra, having diverse missions with the harmonization and collaboration of many stakeholders. The school aims to provide a first-class education to all children. 

3. Delhi Public School, Agra

Delhi Public School is one of the leading CBSE institutions that has many branches located in several parts of India that deliver education from nursery levels to Class 12. The school is considered to be one of the Top CBSE schools in Agra. The DPS learning skill, which identifies and understands the complexity and significance of child education, is at the center of DPS Agra.

4. Colonel’s BrightLand Public School

Colonel’s BrightLand Public School is recognized and well-known for providing excellent education, morals, willpower, and wisdom, as well as co-curricular activities to guarantee the child’s overall growth. Their goal is to contribute to the development of a society that adheres to “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam,” which simply translates to ‘the entire world is one family.’

5. Central Agra Public School

At Central Agra Public School, the child learns basic human values such as self-control, morality, and concern for others. In addition, it makes it easier for the child to learn his or her full potential and, as a result, to learn skills that inspire creativity. 

6. All Saints School

The school encompasses a beautiful environment, and the extensive green belts help to maintain ecological equilibrium and are combined with urban development. All of this guarantees that your child can breathe effortlessly in a clean atmosphere. The two structures are wholly safe thanks to central monitoring systems, making sure that all of the schoolchildren are safe. 

7. CV International School

CV International School is sure to make it to the list of Top 10 Schools in Agra, CBSE board. The co-ed English medium school offers the students all types of modern amenities and space for co-ed learners. The school is equipped with advanced learning procedures sure to help every child.

8. Boston Public School

The school has been a member of the CBSE board Since 2011. The Boston Public School, whose sole task is to nurture a unique blend of acumen and wisdom in the ever-expanding modern generation, has long aspired to deliver an all-encompassing schooling to the next generation.

9. Holy Public School

The Holy Public School was started in 1979. The school’s agenda is to offer an excellent education system. Each child is encouraged to reach their full capabilities, social, and emotional developments. The school aims to help students acquire knowledge and skills through the study material that is designed keeping in mind today’s times.

10. Mahi International School

It is a CBSE-affiliated school that offers world-class schooling and boarding amenities to students. The school is ranked as one of the Best Top 10 Schools in Agra, CBSE board. Mahi International School is one of the most preferred schools. The constant objective at Mahi International is to encourage children’s curiosity, keenness to learn, and education-based experience. 

Choosing the Best Possible School for Your Children is Key to Their Success

Choosing the right school is extremely crucial as it directly harness the supportive environment, quality of schooling, career opportunities,  future prospects, personal development, networking, and mental health of the student. It not only shapes the initial years but also the former adulthood years in your child’s personality. Children passing from different schools have different personalities growing up.

FAQ: Does Schooling Affect Future Career Opportunities?

The choice of school will unswervingly influence the career opportunities accessible to the student in the future. Good schools have a status for creating successful and well-rounded persons who are highly sought after by employers and companies.


There are a large number of top CBSE schools in Agra to choose from, so you can make a choice as per your child’s learning needs. The Top 10 boarding schools in Agra are also a great option if you are looking for something similar.

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