What Is A Good UCAT Score

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UCAT Scores: A Presentation

At the point when you initially begin taking a gander at applying to clinical school and the UCAT Exam, the scoring framework can appear to be confusing. It may very well be interesting to determine what great UCAT scores are, the means by which it’s stamped or what you ought to do to get the gold. The UCAT scoring is altogether different to any of the tests you might’ve SAT at school as of now so it can require a significant stretch of time to get your head around! This article will respond to probably the most widely recognized inquiries regarding UCAT Scoring, and ideally you ought to have a superior thought of what UCAT Score to hold back nothing.

At the point when you sit the UCAT test you will accept your score very quickly. This is one of the enormous benefits of accepting the UCAT test as it tells you how well you’ve performed straight away. This permits you to apply to colleges all the more decisively as you can strategically apply to clinical schools that are bound to welcome you to talk with in view of your UCAT score and different parts of your application.

For the initial four segments you will get a score somewhere in the range of 300 and 900. The most elevated conceivable score is 900, while 300 is the least. In any case, for the last Situational Judgment segment you will get a banding all things being equal. There are four groups, with band 1 being the most elevated and band 4 being the least and the last UCAT scores will go through UCAT transformation.


  • UCAT Verbal Thinking: Score between 300-900
  • UCAT Direction: Score between 300-900
  • UCAT Quantitative Thinking: Score between 300-900
  • UCAT Unique Thinking: Score between 300-900
  • UCAT Situational Judgment: Band between 1-4

This implies that you will get an all out score somewhere in the range of 1200 and 3600 as well as a band 1-4 as your general experimental outcome.

At times colleges discuss UCAT scores as normal. On the off chance that you see or hear anybody discussing UCAT score as a number somewhere in the range of 300 and 900, it is probable this is the situation. To do a UCAT change, your typical score is basically separated by your general outcome by four.

So how does this connect with each segment of the test? We should separate every individually:

UCAT Verbal Thinking

UCAT VR has 44 inquiries which are all value 1 imprint. Your crude UCAT score is then scaled into a score somewhere in the range of 300 and 900 with UCAT change. Worth remembering each question merits a similar measure of imprints paying little heed to trouble. This implies that the more extended or trickier inquiries might merit speculating/skipping as you might have the option to get 2-3 simpler inquiries responded to accurately in the time it takes you to figure out the solution to a solitary hard inquiry. Our manual for scoring exceptionally in this segment can be viewed as here.

Quantitative Thinking

The UCAT QR area has 36 inquiries, of which each question is again worth 1 imprint. Your crude score is scaled to a score somewhere in the range of 300 and 900 with UCAT transformation. This part will in general be the segment individuals score most elevated in by and large. Our manual for scoring profoundly in this part can be viewed as here.

Conceptual Thinking

Starting around 2022, UCAT AR has just 50 inquiries, rather than the 55 inquiries in earlier years. Each question is still worth 1 imprint. Once more, your crude score is scaled to a score somewhere in the range of 300 and 900 with UCAT change. Our manual for scoring profoundly in this part can be viewed as here. This has forever been among the most time-compelled of the segments and these remaining parts notwithstanding the progressions because of the decrease in number of inquiries being counterbalanced by a decrease in time too. Since the quantity of inquiries has been decreased, you currently possess 1 moment less energy for this segment.


This part has 29 inquiries however the imprint portion is somewhat unique to the past areas. Some inquiry types will have various responses or articulations for you to assess. These inquiries are worth two checks yet you should get each and every piece of the inquiry right. You can likewise be granted fractional imprints for these inquiries as well. Assuming that you misunderstand just a single piece of the inquiry, you will be granted 1 imprint all things being equal. Like different segments, inquiries with a solitary response are worth one imprint. Our manual for scoring exceptionally in this part can be viewed as here.

Situational Judgment

This last segment presently has 66 inquiries, following changes made in 2022. Each question merits a similar measure of imprints, yet you can likewise score incomplete imprints on the off chance that your response is “almost” correct. For the situational judgment your response choices can be partitioned into two classifications: An and B are by and large “great”, though C and D are for the most part “terrible”. Assuming you pick some unacceptable response however select the right class, you’ll be granted the halfway imprint.

For instance, on the off chance that you picked A when the response was B you would get an incomplete imprint. Anyway, assuming you choose C when the response was B, you wouldn’t get any imprints. Investigate the model underneath and notice how An and B, and C and D response choices fall into two unique classifications.

Our manual for scoring exceptionally in the SJT area can be seen as here. You are given a general band contingent upon your crude score. The UCAT has distributed UCAT Scoring direction which makes sense of what the various groups mean:

  • UCAT Band 1: Those in Band 1 exhibited a magnificent degree of execution, showing comparable judgment as a rule to the board of specialists
  • UCAT Band 2: Those in Band 2 exhibited a decent, strong degree of execution, showing fitting judgment habitually, with numerous reactions matching model responses.
  • UCAT Band 3: Those in Band 3 exhibited a humble degree of execution, with proper judgment displayed for certain inquiries and significant contrasts from ideal reactions for other people.
  • UCAT Band 4: The exhibition of those in Band 4 was low, with judgment having a tendency to contrast significantly from ideal reactions by and large.

It merits realizing that a few colleges won’t acknowledge an application with a UCAT Band 4 so you would like to invest energy on this part to stay away from this.

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