Which stock market app is best for intraday trading?

Which stock market app is best for intraday trading?

Is financial independence is your goal? Then now is the right time to invest in the stock market. The market bounced back quickly after the unexpected election results. This proves the resilience of the Indian financial market. There’s plenty of steam in the Indian economy and intraday trading or long-term investing could give you the financial boost you want.

Granted it comes with a risk but careful stock analysis, rational decision making, and market timing can help you overcome it. Fortunately, stock analysis has become a lot simpler with a stock market app. The fierce competition in the industry has birthed innovation. The major players are improvising digitally to make it easier for investors and traders to execute trades by themselves.

Stock market apps are the new frontier of this competition and innovation. It’s not for nothing that stock brokers are investing heavily in their apps. The goal is to make them visually appealing and palatable to traders.

This article will take a look at a few such apps. Read on to know which stock market app is the right fit for you.

A look at the best stock market apps in India

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just dipping your toes in the stock market, you need a good trading platform. A stock market app takes care of your intraday trading and long-term equity investment. 

Here are the leading stock market apps for all kinds of capital market participants: 

  1. Angel One

The Angel One Super App offers a hassle-free account opening and trading experience. The stock picks by the Angel One advisory team can be directly accessed from the app. The app is a feature-rich powerhouse.

  • Market insights – live scans, research options, analyst views 
  • Exceptional charting display with TradingView – over 100+ advanced indicators
  • Advanced trading tools – Access OI, option chain, Greeks, tailor-made option strategies 
  • Smart Portfolio Analyser – to minimise your risks and enhance your returns
  • Create custom stock watchlists – keep track of your preferred stocks anytime
  1. Groww
  • Credit facility available

You can avail Groww loans to kickstart your financial journey.

  • Experienced financial content team

Get live stock updates and captivating short videos and articles. No tips and recommendations though.

  • Free mutual fund services 

No extra charges for investment or redemption

  • Diverse Investment options

You can make money by investing in US stocks, digital gold and corporate FDs

  • Good mobile interface

Groww has a very user-friendly mobile interface and is best for new investors

  1. Upstox Pro
  • Seamless trading experience in multiple exchanges

Equity, Derivatives, Commodities, and currency

  • Create unlimited watchlists

You can organise your favourite stocks into different watchlist categories

  • Widget

Check the price movement of a chosen scrip by placing it under Upstox Pro’s widget watchlist

  • Apply for IPOs and invest in mutual funds

You can invest in upcoming IPOs and a mutual fund house of your choice directly

  • Chart libraries and technical indicators 

There are two chart libraries – ChartIQ and TradingView. Over 107 indicators like RSI, Super Trend, Bollinger Bands etc. to get the directional movement right

  1. Zerodha Kite
  • Sleek UI and low latency 

Kite has an excellent web and mobile interface for users. The platform is known for its low latency.

  • Level 3 market data access for sophisticated intraday trading 

You get access to Level 3 market data on Kite. This is crucial for seasoned traders who prepare sophisticated intraday trading strategies.

  • Advanced charting tools

Like many other stock market apps, Kite also provides advanced charting tools and indicators for better directional analysis.

  • Good for building F&O strategies

Many derivatives traders prefer the F&O interface of the app and therefore use it exclusively to execute F&O trades.

  • Nudge system

This system gives you a gentle reminder if you indulge in overtrading or if you’re about to take a dubious trade.

  1. Sharekhan
  • Full-service stock broking firm

Sharekhan boasts an expert team of research analysts and financial experts. 

  • Multiple exchange trading

You can trade in multiple exchanges directly from Sharekhan’s website, TradeTiger software, or the InvesTiger app

  • Investor education services

The education modules of Sharekhan are valued across the trading and investor community

  • 6 different chart types

Sharekhan offers a wealth of charts and indicator-based analysis

  • Market scanner and heat map feature

The advanced real-time market scanner along with the heat map feature is a great way to study the market sentiment and pick profitable stocks

Key Takeaway

Intraday trading or equity and mutual fund investment – these are lucrative avenues for wealth creation. While these instruments can create wealth for you, they can also destroy your capital if you make irrational decisions. Capital markets and risks go hand in hand and that’s why you need the best stock market app to navigate the former’s intricacies. 

Your choice of the stock market app should reflect your needs. If you’re into serious intraday trading – go for an app that offers advanced charting tools and scanners as well as financial advisory services. If you’re just figuring out the world of investment, go for an app that provides a smooth UI experience. And if a stock market app gives you the best of both worlds, download it instantly!

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