Use Baby Name Finder for Muslim Baby Names

One of the most important things that often worry parents is finding suitable names for their children. Muslim parents usually choose names that have some connections with their religion, culture and origin. Hence, every religion has a set of unique names that are popular among parents. Previously, this important job was left to parents, grandparents, family members and friends to suggest suitable names for a new born child. However, the time has changed now. Parents can get help from baby name finder apps that help to find unique names for their babies. 

Muslim baby names

Parents looking for Muslim baby names for their children have always preferred Arabic names for their children. Arabic names carry a lot of significance for the Islam religion. You will find it interesting to know that most girls’ names have originated from popular boys’ names. In the Islam religion, the names given at the time of birth are called ism. Usually, Arabic isms begin with words given for Allah. 

On the other hand, female isms mostly end with an “ah” sound. It’s important to note that for naming purposes, parents not only think about the meaning of the name but also the sound of it. Middle names are usually rare for In Muslim baby names with Arabic origin, there are no middle names.

Take Help from a Baby Name Finder Tool

Nowadays, Muslim families in the South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh often think of giving Arabic names for their children, but they are clueless about how to do that. Thankfully, all such people now have an online tool called Baby Name Finder tool to help them find the most suitable Muslim baby names. Although you can still take suggestions from your friends, family members, and language experts to suggest the most appropriate baby name for your newly born child. There is no need to lose your sleep to find out the best name for your child. You can relax at your home and choose the name you have been searching for through a baby name finder tool. 

Many Options for Attractive Names

You can find many attractive baby names in the Arabic language, but parents usually find it very odd and inappropriate. For every person, their name becomes a indelible part of their personality that stays till they are alive. Hence, most parents spend a lot of time in research to select a particular name. Nowadays, the easiest  way to do that is through a baby name finder tool. You will be spoiled for choices for Muslim baby names. Most names will seem so appealing that you will have a hard time rejecting. The app allows you to click on a name to find its meaning, origin, popularity and other vital information.

Here we have selected some unique Muslim baby names for your child. You can go through the list to discover the most suitable name for your son or daughter.

List of Muslim baby names for a Boy

Ali: It’s one of the most popular names in the Islam religion and holds a special significance to its followers. The meaning of Ali is someone who is highly respected and the best. 

Aaid: If you are searching for a name for your new born son beginning with the alphabet ‘A,’ you can consider Aaid which is a unique name. The word Aaid means to restore or return.

Gabir: It’s one of the most interesting Muslim baby names for a boy. If you are looking for an Arabic name beginning with the letter’ G,’ you can choose Gabir. The word Gabir in Arabic means comforter and consoler.

Qian: Qian is one of the rarest Muslim baby names for a baby boy. The name stands for king, royal, ancient, and remote.

Kabir: Kabir was one of the greatest saints of India which makes it one of the most popular names for a baby boy. The meaning of the word Kabir is someone who is Great, Powerful, and Leader. 

Vakar: It is one of the few Muslim baby names that begin with the letter V. The meaning of Vakar is respect and pride.

You can choose one of these names for your newborn baby, and if you want more choices, you can always consult a baby name finder tool.

For people from the Islam religion, it’s always the happiest occasion when God blesses them with a child. A new born child always brings great joy but also many responsibilities to a Muslim family. One of the most important duties for a Muslim parent is to choose a name for their child which is meaningful and sounds good.

As per tradition, Muslims give their newborn child a name on the seventh day after birth, at a ceremony signified by the sacrifice of a sheep or goat. Names for newborns are usually selected as per their relevance for families or some other important factor. Therefore, the baby’s name is normally chosen for religious and spiritual reasons.

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