Top 6 guidelines for purchasing a house for sale in Patna

Patna is considered to be the 2nd biggest city after Kolkata in eastern India at present. Patna holds a distinct place in our minds from the Harappan civilization to till now. Patna is turning out to be an emerging city when it comes to trade and commerce along with its agricultural hub. In case you are planning to purchase 1 bhk for sale in Patna, then it will be the right time for you to do so. Here, we have provided some tips that will help to make your dream of buying a house in Patna come true.

1. Location

Location will be one of the main features to consider while purchasing any house or plot. It will be imperative to have a look at the neighbourhood to find out whether it will be a safe and decent location for purchasing residential flats. Make certain that there are supermarkets, shops, as well as healthcare centres in the close vicinity. Also, there should not be any sources of hazardous contamination in the locality such as bars, waste dump sites, or factories.

2. Visit frequently and inspect

One essential point while making a plan to purchase a house for sale in Kolhapur will be to visit the locality frequently. You need to inspect certain things including the following:

• Whether any significant construction is happening nearby

• Is the view from your balcony going to be obstructed by the construction

• In case there is any pond or field nearby and whether it is sanctioned for removal in the future

It will not be possible for you to find out these things if you don’t visit the place regularly. 

3. Facilities and amenities

You need to make certain that you’re getting all the facilities and amenities that you have been looking for for quite some time irrespective of whether you are purchasing an apartment or a villa or an entire house with several floors. This is because you will be purchasing a house only once or twice in your lifetime. As a result, it ought to be your dream abode.

On most occasions, a good builder is going to provide you with a fitness centre, swimming pool, park intended for the adults as well as the children, clubhouse, parking lots, garage, and so forth. Make sure to look for another property in case you don’t get all these facilities in the property that you are purchasing. Moreover, make it a point that the cost of the house is less if these amenities are not available to you.

4. Verify the floor plans

The floor plan is one thing that must be on your checklist while buying the house for sale in Kolhapur. If you like to save some money, then you can go for properties which are under construction. This is because ready for possession apartments can prove to be rather costly in the long run. Nevertheless, in case you are planning to do so, ensure that you verify the floor plan comprehensively. It will provide you with a proper concept of the layout, how the house will be appearing, and also whether the floor plan complies with the legal regulations. 

You need to check the following things in the plan:

• The actual carpet area and what you have received in the quotation

• The face of the balcony

• Utility areas

• Location of the windows, doors, and the bathrooms

You are free to proceed in case all these things satisfy your needs.

5. Legal aspects

Legal factors are extremely important while purchasing a house for sale in Kolhapur. Make sure to verify whether the title owner of the establishment is the builder or not. On some occasions, the landowner is different while the builder isn’t the actual landowner. In such cases, it will be essential to ensure that the contract between the builder and the landowner is legal as well as valid. For this, you need to verify whether this project has got a bank clearance which will provide you with a clear idea of whether the documents and the contract are lawful or not. On most occasions, banks are going to check comprehensively before clearing finance facilities to the builders. 

Amongst the most vital documentation to look for, mention may be made of the following:

• Certificate of project commencement

• Certificate of project completion

All these certificates will inform you whether the property is legitimate and whether you will gain access to major facilities like electricity and water. Besides these, verify the following as well:

• Tax receipt

• Mutation documents

• Permission of non-agricultural land 

• Power of attorney for making certain that there is full right for the seller to sell the house

• Possession certificate

If you don’t have any idea of all these aspects, it will be sensible to take the help of an attorney.

6. Connectivity

Lastly, we like to mention that you need to be meticulous about the connectivity of the 1 bhk for sale in Patna as well. The house needs to have a proper connection with the remaining part of the city. Make sure that your workplace, the educational institution of your kids, and the main roads are close to the house. Otherwise, you will need to spend more money on the fuel of your vehicle in the long run. In case the connectivity of the place is not good, you will find it tough to resell the house afterwards.

Final thoughts

These steps mentioned above in this article will help you to purchase the best house for sale in Kolhapur or Patna without any problems whatsoever. Simply stick to the rules for making the property purchasing process a pleasant experience.

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