Why and When to Use a Body Lotion

Are you also one of those people who believe that a body lotion is only meant to be used in one season, that is winter? If so, you are wrong, a body lotion can be used throughout the year and must be used like it.

With age and due to many external factors, the body tends to lose its elasticity and youthfulness, using a good moisturizer is very important. A whitening body lotion is always a good choice if you wish to maintain brightness. It helps keep away any signs of dullness and ageing. You can also look for Vitamin C body lotion. We are always so focused on our face’s skin care that we neglect the rest of the body which is equally important.

Read along to know more about how much our skins need hydration and how we can retain it using a good body lotion.


Ingredients and Formulation to Look for in a Body Lotion

There are certain specific ingredients that you should look for in a body lotion. These are Haldi, Vitamin C, various flower extracts, different kinds of body butter and so on. A Vitamin C body lotion is a great option if you want a brightening effect on your body.

Also, always look for body lotions that are non-greasy so that you can apply them throughout the year, even in the summer. It is an essential factor to keep in mind as heavy and greasy body lotions can clog the pores, causing numerous skin problems.

You can go for a heavier lotion if you have extremely dry and flaky skin but avoid it if you are someone with normal to oily skin.

Benefits of Using a Body Lotion

  • Helps in making the skin even and smooth
  • Prevents any dullness, especially is using a whitening body lotion
  • Brightens the skin from within, especially is using a Vitamin C body lotion
  • Reduces any signs of ageing and if used regularly, the chances of having wrinkles in future are reduced
  • It makes you more confident when you smell good all the time with healthy-looking skin

How and When to Properly Use a Body Lotion?

The best time to use a body lotion is right after a bath or shower, as the skin is still warm and damp. It makes the best time for the lotion to seep deep into the skin and last the hydration all day. The skin is also the cleanest after a shower so no risk of dirt mixing with the body lotion at all.

Simply take an adequate amount in your hands, rub them a little together and apply to the body. Make sure to massage your body in a circular motion so that it enters the layers of your skin. You can use a whitening body lotion or any other lotion you may like every 24 hours, and it is completely safe to use every day.

A body lotion must be avoided on the face due to many ingredients that are exceeding the ideal requirement for the face. It can severely clog your face pores even if it is lightweight. Also, avoid any sensitive areas of your body that might be irritated by exposure. Always do a patch test before starting with a new body lotion, especially a Vitamin C Body Lotion.

Summing Up!

When we talk about body care, the first step towards healthy skin is a good moisturizer. With so many options in the market, choose the one best suited for your skin type, and take expert advice if needed. There are different kinds of body lotions available for different skins from dry to extremely oily; with various solutions to different issues. Make a choice wisely!

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