Breaking Down the Myths: Common Misconceptions about Inverter air conditioner

Breaking Down the Myths: Common Misconceptions about Inverter air conditioner

An inverter air conditioner is one of the most trending and common types trending in India. This AC helps in controlling the speed of the compressor which eventually helps in regulating its temperature. This air conditioner is different from conventional air conditioners in such a way that it helps regulate the temperature when it is either not working or working at its full speed. However, certain myths surround such inverter air conditioners which we will discuss in this blog. 

Listing common Myths about Inverter air conditioners

  1. High energy consumption

One of the greatest myths about Inverter air conditioners is that they consume too much energy. This inverter air conditioner is designed to regulate energy consumption in offices or homes, but it is operating oppositely in this case.

  1. Less efficient 

Inverter air conditioners are believed to be less efficient than conventional air conditioners. However, this is a myth and is not true. Suppose, a buyer has bought an inverter air conditioner 1 ton for a small size room, then it will make the room cool efficiently and effectively without much energy consumption.

  1. Not for consistent usage

Conventional air conditioners are typically switched on or off. Therefore, people have created a myth that even inverter air conditioners cannot be used all the time. However, the biggest benefit of these ACs is that they regulate the temperature and not just keep the room cool. This is quite an option for those people who wish to have a convenient temperature set in their rooms as per the weather. 

  1. No stable conditioning

People also believe that there is no stable air conditioning offered from inverter air conditioners. In high-demand situations, the compressor continues moving without stopping, producing the sound.

  1. Turn it on and off now and then

In contrast with this myth, people can enjoy cool air while using inverter air conditioners without hindrances. 

  1. It is costly

It is quite a myth that inverter air conditioners are costly but they are not too expensive in reality. It can be understood in such a way that it is a time investment even if it is costly as such air conditioners then eventually lead to a reduction in electricity bills. 

Popular 5-star air conditioner 1.5 ton

Those experiencing difficulties with cooling their homes using 1-ton AC units and seeking more efficient alternatives can also consider 1.5-ton air conditioners. A 1.5-ton AC cools medium and small-sized rooms more effectively than a 1 ton AC. Choosing air conditioners with higher star ratings will help save energy and result in reduced electricity bills. Five-star air conditioners with capa

cities up to 1.5 tons are in high demand in India, and their prices are as follows:

  1. LG Inverter Split AC- Price: 43,490 INR
  1. Voltas Inverter Split AC- Price: 38,499 INR
  1. Blue Star Inverter Split AC- Price: 41,590 INR
  1. Daikin Inverter Split AC- Price: 45,210 INR 
  1. IFB Twin Inverter Split AC- Price: 44,990 INR 


Q. What is the common difference between R-410A and R-22 refrigerants?

Ans. R-410A is the newest refrigerant whereas R-22 has now become obsolete and has been out of the market since 2020. 

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