Unlocking the Benefits: Why Solar Panels for Homes are Essential

We all enjoy the comforts of electricity in our homes. We enjoy the comfort of watching movies on television, enjoying the comfort of fans, air conditioners, etc. But do you know what these comfort costs are? We are draining a number of natural resources and eventually depleting them to enjoy these comforts at home. The best alternative for this energy source is solar power. We can install solar panels for home and enjoy great comfort all through the year. This way, we will also be able to save big on utility costs. 

What is a solar panel?

We would have seen black and blue installations on the tops of roofs in most buildings. These are solar panels. They help to capture sunlight when the sun is shining bright in the sky and convert it into electricity. The solar panels have photovoltaic solar cells arranged on a rectangular frame. These cells help collect sunlight and will also convert the heat energy into direct current electricity. The 225-watt solar panel is good enough to generate electricity for a house. It may be required to arrange multiple solar panels. We can make use of this solar array to generate solar electricity. This helps to power electrical equipment. We can also make use of this electricity to power back an AC grid with the help of an inverter system.

We can thus harness the power of the sun, the cleanest and most renewable energy source, and power homes. It is also possible to make use of this solar power to power business houses and other devices.     

Advantages of solar panels

Solar panels and the sun’s power could be utilized to generate electricity. These solar panels utilize photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electric power. When people put up solar panels for homes, they decrease the need for using non-renewable energy sources. Besides, expenses on electricity bills can be cut down through these solar panels. The other benefits of installing 225-watt solar panels for homes would include:

  • Solar energy is clean and green energy. There is no pollution while generating solar power. When we use other forms of generating electricity, we generate considerable pollution. 
  • While generating solar energy, we need not depend on other energy forms. The pressure on other energy sources is low.
  • Solar panels for homes are easy to maintain. We only have to clean them twice a year, and we also only have to spend a very small amount to install and maintain them.
  • Solar power is safer than other power sources
  • Being a renewable energy, we can install them in any part of the world. It is also readily available.
  • We can also get relief from huge utility bills. 

Cost of solar panels in India:

Solar panels are an exceptional way to reduce the electricity bills. They also help in generating clean energy. The cost of a 225-watt solar panel depends on a number of factors, such as,

  • Cost of raw materials
  • Availability of installation land
  • Scale of production
  • Efficiency of installation
  • Government subsidies 
  • Capacity of the solar panel
  • Brand and quality of solar panels

In India, solar panels for homes usually cost INR 30 to 70 per watt with an average price of INR 40 per watt, whereas installing a 1 KW solar plate at your house in India costs between IRS 37,500 and INR 50,000. The cost will depend on the number of panels that we will require for the home. The cost also depends on the electricity consumption of the house. The average cost per watt for a single solar panel in India is between INR 37.50 and INR 53, including taxes. 


Why should we install solar panels in our homes?

Solar panels can make your home a better place to save energy and reduce costs while protecting the environment. Installing solar panels in your house has a number of benefits. For homeowners, this means that they can invest in it for future financial gains even though they will spend more money on its installation at first.

Bottom Line:

Among the residents and businesses, Warree is a preferred option if people are thinking about purchasing solar panels for homes. The house owners can also find these solar panels at a cost that matches with a lot of money competing prices. Also, Warree provides efficient solar panel alternatives that do not in any way affect their effectiveness.

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