Romantic Getaways in North Carolina by Faresmatch

North Carolina is the city of poets and art. The city holds a rich history in art and architecture. North Carolina is the only city where the flames of war did not spread during the great rebels in history. A city with warm-hearted people, a golden time for nature gazing, and a cheaper option to explore for tourists, it hosts many visitors throughout the year. The city is filled with cosy and aesthetic corners, which attracts many couples from around the world. Romantic couples get into a Volaris flight and come here to have a blast in their love story.

Couples love this city because of the atmosphere and the romantic cafes here. They love to get along with their partners in a long romantic walk through the streets watching the sunsets. Getting your reservations done from Faresmatch can get you extra discounts and offers, which can elevate your fun for your next romantic getaway to the city.    

Five romantic getaways in North Carolina by fares match

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Travelling to North Carolina for a romantic getaway with your partner can be the best decision in your love life. The place is cosy and romantic, with incredible adventurous places and fine dine-ins. Here are the top 5 places in North Carolina for a romantic getaway:  

  • The castle on Silver Lake

If you want to spend a romantic weekend with your partner in a 9000-square-foot historic mansion, this is the best possible creation on the earth’s surface. Built by decoy carvers and boat builders, this mansion is at the heart of the city and took over three decades to complete. This picturesque mansion with seven gabled dormers on two flower-covered acres is like heaven for all couples. Sun rises from the terrace, and peace, serenity, and privacy are packed deals for a romantic getaway in the city.   

  • Gideon ridge inn

To connect more with yourself or get a long romantic night with the fireplace and a bottle of expensive wine, this Blue Ridge residence named Gideon Ridges is your ideal destination. More of a private summer castle with paintings, food, and the most essential being, the homey feel at this pace of 3400 square feet. Getting into some United flights in the summer with your loved one can be the most romantic gesture.

  •  Inner banks inn & restaurant

Located in Edenton’s historic district and within a mile from the waterfront, this grand hotel is filled with love and compassion. It generally consists of the four-stored building named the Pack House Burn and Victoria’s Great Mansion. It is entirely a pet-friendly restaurant cum hotel with a lawn seating arrangement for all the couples. You can feel the love in the air with the walls, paintings, and antique interior décor.

  • The Fearrington House Inn

One of the most popular romantic hotels in the entire world is the Fearrington Inn. The popular Netflix series The Vampire Diaries was shot here, making it one of the major tourist interests of the entire state. With a spa room and private pool inside, this is also one of the best contenders for the most romantic getaway destination in North Carolina. Any domestic Frontier Airlines reservation can get you in here. It is most likely that the couples won’t leave this palace quickly. 

  • The Duke Mansion

This massive mansion is located at the centre of Charlotte and is regarded as the most enormous colonial mansion in the country. It is also one of the underrated mansions because of its fares and location. There are 20 independent rooms for a much more private experience with your partner. With the garden in front, you can easily plan a date night with music and dance along with a cocktail party at the same time. The mansion also has around ten maids to assist you with everything during your romantic stay here.

North Carolina is one of the ideal places for a romantic vacation with your loved ones. The islands and the parks can also be explored at cheaper rates sometimes. Watching the sunset over the tallest architecture in the city is also quite a romantic gesture. Visiting the city via some Priceline flights during the fall of the spring can be even more romantic, with the leaves shedding and new colours adding up to the sky.

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