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Have you ever wondered how much preparation goes into the food we consume and drugs we take to recover? Some industries mandate clean and clear flooring to ensure the quality of its manufacturing process. This includes the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, herbal, and even the food industry. The clean premises that they maintain reflect the quality of their end supplies. This also improves their trust and brand value among their end customers. Epoxy flooring is only such an exceptional method for cleanroom designs. They are of great value in industrial and commercial establishments. Epoxy flooring in India is one of the best options to create attractive, stylish, and safe floors.

Epoxy flooring in India:

Epoxy flooring plays a significant role in the drug and food industries as they cater to the highest standards of manufacturing. They demand cleanroom requirements in their design and execution and benefit from the shiny surface of epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring in India is capable of enhancing the brightness of the interiors to many folds. They also render a durable surface that is hard-wearing and can withstand the tough manufacturing process.

They are also quick and easy to install and don’t require a complex layout. They are durable, look neat and are easy to clean as well. The best epoxy flooring goes great with the existing flooring and demands minimal or no maintenance. As they create a hard-wearing and durable surface, they are capable of preventing the penetration of moisture. 

Most of the industries and the commercial establishment choose epoxy flooring for their facility. Investing in high-quality floor coating offers a polished look for the floors with enhanced safety. Epoxy flooring in India is the floor model of choice for cosmetics and the food industry that indulges in manufacturing high-quality products. Similarly, it finds extensive application in the Bio-Tech, homoeopathy, and the pharmaceutical industry, which deal with drugs and other preparations. Epoxy Flooring is the material of choice in installing clean rooms that are of importance in these facilities.

The best place for Epoxy flooring in India:

Syntec Airflow System is one of the best places to avail turnkey solutions for Epoxy flooring. Its Epoxy coatings are ideal for establishing different types of industrial and commercial buildings. They cater to the pharmaceutical plants and laboratories predominantly and create durable and hard-wearing surfaces in these facilities. The Epoxy coatings that they offer prevents moisture from penetrating the concrete floors. 

Syntec offers the best anti-static floor coatings for facilities where electronic components are in constant use. Thus they are of inherent use in the laboratories and pharmaceutical houses to deal with static-sensitive electronic components. Apart from rendering world-class Epoxy resin flooring services, it also offers annual maintenance for the facility. They offer solutions for diverse practical discrepancies at the site, as they have experts for guidance and consultation.

Clean Room Solutions at Syntec:

They are a pioneer in rendering exceptional cleanroom solutions for many industries. Its range of equipment includes HEPA filters, SS diffusers, SS scrubber fans, a dehumidifier unit, etc. It offers this complete range of cleanroom supplies and equipment to its clients, to create their safe and compliant facilities. It can also customise a soft wall or hard wall clean room with all the supplies in-built. Its highly experienced and committed technical staff help in such creative designs and offer complete turnkey solutions for diverse industries.

Of all the cleanroom supplies that Syntec offers, its de-humidifiers are worth mentioning. It offers the best dehumidifiers and the most complex moisture control needs for diverse industries. This includes the pharmaceutical, chemical industries, automobiles, etc. They regulate the humidity in the unit, irrespective of the size of the room. They lock a lot of power with optimal energy efficiency. They work by withdrawing humid air through the inlet and pull out excess moisture. They propel dry air in the room, which is a must in units that prepare drugs, chemicals, and even food with long shelf life.

Syntec airflow designs and manufactures the best dehumidifiers that are open for customization. Their facility and their manufacturing process are certified under ISO 9000 and offer all its services under one roof. They are transparent in their services and render high-order results. Their solutions are tailor-made to meet the needs of the clients and the project goals. They offer on-time delivery through the development and implementation of quality systems. They focus on economical designs with exceptional energy efficiency and high productivity rate. 

 Final Words:

Syntec airflow systems offer sincere support and efficient turnkey solutions for cleanroom designs of diverse industries. Their solutions are backed up with expert guidance and consultation. And are known for trouble-free operations and maintenance. Its products and solutions are affordable and feature an economic and sustainable design. They have completed more than 15 projects in India and overseas catering to diverse biotech industries.

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