Benefits and Uses of Plain Curd in Your Daily Life

Plain curd is a custard, thick or pudding-like element, made with the help of bacterial natural milk fermentation. It has transformed from a household staple from the traditional times to a current millennial favourite. In this health-conscious and globalized age, no one can think without curd. It is full of surprising health benefits and is an outstanding source of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics. 

The fermentation procedure enriches curd with brilliant nutrition that is impossible to deliver by the non-fermented milk. It is rich in calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and phosphorus, making it excellent for strengthening bones, maintaining digestive health, decreasing blood pressure, and osteoporosis prevention. People from all over the globe use yoghurt in making different cuisines, including Indian dishes. Besides being a brilliant accompaniment, curd has become a meal on its own. You can eat curd raw, drink or dip it, or take it in any way you like. The best curd brand in India uses Streptococcus thermophilis and Lactobacillus acidophilus to make high-quality yoghurt. 

Nowadays, you can find different curd flavours in the supermarket. Since curds are one of the best nutritional and dairy alternatives for lactose intolerant people, you can also select other options with lower lactose levels. Let us now check out the nutritional facts of curd before using it.

  • Sugar

All curds include a little bit of sugar naturally present in the milk. One cup of Plain curd has only 12 grams of lactose. 

  • Protein

Curd is also a good source of protein. A 6 oz of yoghurt container includes 9 grams of protein.

Probiotic values

Probiotics are living and active organisms that convert liquid milk into curd. These probiotics also allow people to enjoy yoghurt who suffer from lactose intolerance. Probiotics in curd also maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the body. 

  • Fibre

The best curd brands in India have also enhanced the nutritional value of their products by introducing some functional fibre in them. Functional fibre is different from dietary fibre, found in whole food items. 

  • Fat

Always go for the well-sourced and best curd brand in India that uses whole milk for its products. There is no reason for fearing the amount of fat present in the curd made from whole milk as it will make the taste superior and will not increase your cholesterol. 

Benefits of Consuming Curd

There are various ways through which Plain curd can benefit us. Let us go through some of them below. 

  • Good bacteria improve the digestive health of the user and also enhance the immunity system of the body.
  • Active cultures present in the curd assists the gut in performing better.
  • Curd also helps in various gastrointestinal conditions like diarrhoea, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, and colon cancer.
  • Good bacteria of the yoghurt prevent any imbalance in the yeast levels of the human body.
  • Regular curd consumption will also assist in restoring the level of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Prevents bone-related issues or osteoporosis
  • It is also a high source of protein which will provide you with the required energy to keep you going for the entire day. Protein is one of the most vital components for creating many systems like muscles in the body. Protein also helps you curb your appetite and keeps you full for a long time. 
  • Decreases the high blood pressure risk

How to incorporate Curd in your daily meal?

You can consume curd as the main dish, an accompaniment or can create numerous outstanding dishes from it. Below we have shared some ideas to incorporate Plain curd into your daily mean.

  • Drinks

Curd is a perfect ingredient for making numerous healthy drinks. You can make buttermilk which is easy and healthy to digest. Lassi is another filling creamier drink that will keep your hunger away for quite some time. You can also make smoothies with curd, various berries, nuts and a little bit of honey to start your day. 

  • Main dishes and Appetizers

You can create Greek Yogurt from plain ones by hanging it and draining all the excess water. You can also make delicious dips with curd to go well with the main dishes and the appetizers. On the other hand, curd rice or paratha with yoghurt can never go wrong. Curd is also used to marinate tandoori dishes like chicken or paneer tikka. 

  • Dessert

Curd has also covered the desert section well. You can make Greek Yogurt mousse or Misti doi with Plain curd. These dishes contain all the yumminess of the desert, subtracting the unhealthy fat and sugar. Ultimately, we all love ice cream, and curd has dishes in this segment too. People from every generation like frozen yoghurt with no doubt.

End Verdict

So now you can see curd is super versatile, healthy and delicious. Thus with curd present in your fridge, you can rule the kitchen. 

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