Summer Survival: Tips and Tricks for Using Air Conditioners in India

Both healing as well as cooling systems consume a lot of energy and contribute greatly to monthly electricity bills. During summer, an air conditioner consumes a lot more energy than any other appliance at home. As an air conditioner in India is used the most in summer, it also requires a lot of maintenance and management. In this blog, we will discuss several tips and tricks for using air conditioners in India. However, before we point out those tips, we will explore the common problems which are often experienced by consumers with ACs in India. 

Why do Air conditioners require maintenance?

There are various problems which are faced by the air conditioners because of which there arises the need for its maintenance and management. Some of them are:

  1. The AC makes odd and disturbing noises. 
  2. It is not keeping the room as cool as it is supposed to be.
  3. Monthly electricity expenses are increasing without any new or particular reasons. 
  4. The AC is producing hot air. 
  5. The machine is giving rise to obnoxious scents.

These problems give rise to air conditioner maintenance that helps in eradicating them. It also ensures that Air Conditioner India works at its best. 

Top AC maintenance tips and tricks 

Whether it is 1 ton AC, 1.5 ton AC or more than that, every air conditioner requires maintenance. Here are some AC maintenance tips that keep it in good condition. 

  1. Timely replacement of AC filters 

When AC filters get dirty and dusty, the air quality in the house decreases. It also hampers the efficiency of an air conditioner. Change the AC filters every two months to improve their efficiency and life. 

  1. Limiting Temperature Impact

Various electronic devices such as microwaves and dryers produce heat which in turn disturbs the AC cooling cycle. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to prevent all such air from collecting over the floor. 

  1. Close doors and windows 

While using an air conditioner, you should keep all windows and doors closed. This is because the cool air might start leaking as soon as it gets any door or window open. This creates hindrances to the air conditioner’s performance. 

  1. Routine Air conditioner service 

An air conditioner of any brand requires routine maintenance and service to avoid any technical problems. Whether it is 1 ton AC, 1.5 ton or 2 ton AC etc, they all require maintenance and servicing. 

  1. Ensuring the cleanliness of AC components

It is important to maintain cleanliness with all the components of an air conditioner. Keep the exterior unit clean and free of dirt to ensure it works effectively and properly. The inability to clean AC vents might lead to its excessive workload too. 

  1. Never use registers to regulate temperature 

Using registers can eventually harm the cooling capabilities of an air conditioner. It can potentially harm the device and even increase humidity level in the room. 

  1. Fix leaks or cracks in home

If there are any leaks or cracks in the home, then they can create issues with the AC’s efficiency. With any leak, the cooler air starts flowing out which results in decreased efficiency of the ACs. Eventually, the AC will start working hard resulting in an increase in electricity bill. 

  1. Evaluation of AC capacity

One of the most important aspects of selecting an air conditioner is to evaluate the size of the room. This will lead in determining the AC capacity which needs to be installed for providing optimal and complete cooling throughout the space. 


Q. Do split ACs require regular maintenance?

Ans. Yes, split ACs require regular maintenance which includes keeping both outside and inside components clean and dust free. This will help the device last long and work efficiently. 

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