1 Year Pg Diploma Courses in Canada could be a Gateway to Success

Recently, Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for Indian students. Although there are many courses that international students choose, something can only beat the 1 Year Pg Diploma Courses in Canadawhich is second to none. This course is a shorter version of a PG degree usually offered at community colleges. You can quickly get a job because the system provides hands-on experience in your chosen field.

Beginning of a Great Future

Such courses are top-rated among Indian students because they are very affordable. Most Indian students who come to Canada are not affluent and self-finance their studies. Therefore, they prefer such courses because they are the fastest route to managing a job in Canada. Usually, a two-year program combines two different one-year PG diploma courses in Canada, giving more options to students who gain specialization in two other fields.

A PG diploma course in Canada for Indian students costs about 7 to 15 lakh INR. It helps them by increasing their chances of landing a job in Canada. However, to join a PG Diploma course in Canada, students need minimum grades depending on the college of their choice. 

You become eligible for full-time jobs in Canada, where one can earn a salary of 30,000 to 60,000 CAD per year, depending on the type of industry. Applicants need to be at least an undergraduate. However, once you successfully finish this course, it dramatically boosts your career. 

Opportunity for Immigration 

After completing your 1 year PG diploma courses in Canada, you become eligible for a one-year post-study work visa. Besides, you also get an opportunity for Immigration to Canada.

Canada is ideal for higher studies because it has more than 90 institutions and 175 technical institutes offering hundreds of courses. Another discipline that international students like joining are MBA courses in Canada.

Canada is an international Destination

You may wonder why Canada is such a hot destination for international students. In terms of attracting international students, Canada ranks third in the world. More than 6, 40,000 international students are pursuing different courses in Canada, and almost one-third is from India.

Reasons for Students to Join MBA Courses in Canada are:

International Platform

A country like Canada gives every international student an excellent professional and personal growth opportunity. Canada’s faculty of Management is one of the best in the field; therefore, it can provide invaluable skills and knowledge to students.

Internationally Known Universities

All top universities in Canada are internationally known, with long-standing educational heritage and illustrious alums. For example, HEC Montreal and Queen’s University are among the oldest business schools in the world.

Options for Part-time work

Students pursuing MBA in Canada get a part-time work option that allows them to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during classes.

Option to work after studies

International students in Canada also get a work permit known as PGWP or Post Graduate Work Permit. It allows them to work in Canada after completing their MBA degree programs.

Opportunity to hone entrepreneurial skills

An MBA from Canada provides leadership and diversity management skills vital for entrepreneurs.

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