What is SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, stands as the base of digital visibility. It’s a strategic process to enhance your website’s presence across search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing. 

The essence of SEO lies in elevating your website’s visibility when users explore:

  1. Products You Offer
  2. Services You Render
  3. Expertise and Experience

The greater visibility your pages achieve in search results, the higher the chances of them being discovered and clicked on. Ultimately, the objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to attract website visitors who have the potential to become customers, clients, or a returning audience.

Types of SEO

  • On-Page SEO : Relating to the content on your website
  • Technical SEO: Relates to non-content elements of your website
  • Off-Page SEO: Helps strengthen the influence and relationship your website has with other websites.

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