Advantages And Challenges In Using 360-Degree Assessment In An Organization

A 360-degree assessment is a very useful tool used by hiring managers to evaluate the performance of employees in an organization. In a traditional process, the involvement of all the people is not present, and the scope remains limited. But that is not the case for a 360-degree assessment. As the name suggests, it targets professional and personal growth from a 360-degree angle, meaning all directions. Although one of the best sought ways to evaluate employees’ strengths and weaknesses, it has its fair share of advantages and challenges. And this is what we are going to discuss here. Keep reading to find out.

Advantages Of A 360-Degree Assessment

  • A Conclusive Type of Assessment

It covers feedback from all directions and different people, so it has a broader scope than the traditional system. Making it a complete and conclusive assessment, eradicating any scope for irregularities. 

  • Promotes Teamwork

It involves everyone coming together and improving the organization, which ultimately promotes teamwork.

  • Anonymity is Maintained

The entire process is anonymous, so it leaves no scope for embarrassment, and employees can be completely honest with each other.

Challenges That come Along

There are certain challenges that can come in the way, but Mercer | Mettl can help you overcome these: 

  • Sometimes Not Accurate

If employees do not take part honestly, due to many reasons, the results can come out not 100% accurate. As everyone has a different mindset, convincing people to be careful while taking this is tough. 

  • Offended Easily

Some people can be so focused on the negative parts that they end up completely ignoring the positives and ways to correct the needed areas. It happens due to the fact that some might be more easily offended than others.

  • Can Take Time

As an organization has hundreds of people connected to it, the whole process can be, at times, lengthy. It can take up valuable time for the company. Sometimes, even days can pass by just conducting these assessments. 

FAQ: What Are the Tips that Must be Kept in Mind When Just Starting With the 360-degree Assessment?

One thing that can be kept in mind is setting the goals you wish to achieve beforehand. Implementing ways to remove the fear of negative feedback from the minds of employees and help them take it as a challenge. Most importantly, keep it short and to the point so that no one considers it boring or time-consuming. As it is a company and people might already be busy with the work assigned, we need not make them feel burdened with another heavy task. 

In Conclusion!

Calculate the needs of your organization before generating a 360 degree assessment; this way, you can save time on unnecessary questions. Keep it short and simple, with a deadline to complete so it does not become a huge challenge, as discussed above. Also, help your employees take it in a positive way and not feel personally attacked by any means. Keep in mind what is discussed here, and you are good to go. Also, always remember to choose a reliable provider for the same. 

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