Explore the best and employee-friendly 360 degree assessment from Mercer I Mettl

Employee evaluation is a vital concept in the corporate world. It helps companies to gain valuable insights about the performance of their employees. A 360 degree assessment is an essential tool to make performance evaluation a hassle-free chore. It is the best and most employee-friendly feedback tool designed by experts. It facilitates employers to get precise input from multiple directions about specific employees. Thus, this tool can surpass the limit of getting biased feedback from employees’ direct supervisors. It includes sources like co-workers, customers, stakeholders, and seniors to give an online performance review. Hence, it inspires workers to devote more skill development for their career growth. Similarly, it helps employers to make valuable decisions about employee retention, separation, and improvement. 

Sources provided by 360 degree assessment

Usually, leaders and managers use 360 evaluation tools for employees under their supervision. But, many companies want to break this conventional evaluation line in the changing world. Hence, they start working with the modern concept of 360-degree feedback, which never relies on single-source evaluation. Thus, the emerging technology of this modern assessment tool is offering a holistic perspective on various areas. An online 360 degree assessment tool comprises sources of feedback such as:

Managers – Operational performance, target completion, behaviour

Co-workers – Behavior, cooperation, planning, teamwork

Clients – Response, problem-solving, service

Team leader – Behaviors, operational efficiency, communication

Features of a good 360-degree evaluation tool by Mercer I Mettl

Do you want to implement this tool for your organization? If yes, knowing its amazing features is vital for gainful insights. The stunning features of this tool effortlessly integrate within your organization. 

·       Intuitive and user-friendly

It is an easy-to-use tool which comprises a simple objective-type questionnaire for participants. Thus, inside and outside participants can easily give feedback with their perspectives. Moreover, the 360 degree assessment tool is clutter-free and contains all the necessary information. So, even non-tech-savvy participants can use it without any prior training. 

·       Easy to customize

Using this tool, you can select to customize your priorities for employee assessment. It supports ease of customization; thus, you can add new competencies per specific needs. You can customize questionnaire templates as per individual. Hence, it simplifies the work and targets specific employee evaluation areas. 

·       Informative and impartial reports

Again, the magic of 360 degree assessment software works greatly to keep the performance evaluation unbiased. This implies the general perspectives of participants who are not directly connected with employees. Thus, they cannot manipulate the results, which gives informative and correct reports to decision-makers. Also, employees can know their ratings to work with improved dedication and skill. 

FAQ: How often should you use 360-degree evaluation?

360 evaluation promotes an open work culture and appreciates priorities. It would help if you used it every quarter to evaluate the timely performance of employees. One can select the custom intervals to perform such evaluation within the organization. It helps employers get correct insights about employees’ performance. Also, they can develop the skills required to meet their employers’ expectations. 

To sum up

Choosing the right 360 degree assessment application is crucial for organizations. A good tool has stunning features like seamless integration, custom questionnaires, ease of use, data safety, and insightfulness. Therefore, you should get it from a reliable provider to maximize your spending. It’s a multi-rater feedback app that helps propel your workforce and business to new heights.

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