Mercer | Mettl offers a comprehensive suite of online aptitude tests for employee assessment

Every organization expects its candidates to perform well in their job roles. Generally, the managers will not recruit the candidates on the basis of their college degrees and job experiences. But will choose them on the basis of their skills. Those who interpret verbal information, process and perceive numbers, and think out of the box are their best picks. To assess such skills, mere questions and a resume are not enough. The online aptitude tests from Mercer | Mettl can help assess such crucial skills in candidates. They serve as exceptional pre-employment tests and help assess the candidates’ general intelligence.

Different types of aptitude tests that Mercer | Mettl offers for employee assessment

There are different types of online aptitude tests to measure the candidates’ specific skills, and these are as follows. 

  1. General Aptitude tests

These tests assess the candidate for his ability to solve complex problems. It generally assesses the ability of the candidate to understand general things and problem-solving abilities.

  1. Logical reasoning tests

The logical reasoning tests help measure the recruit’s ability to analyze information from different perspectives. It measures the reasoning abilities of the candidate and helps employers gain insight into the candidate’s ability to think logically. This test is available in a ready-to-use format from Mercer | Mettl at medium-level difficulty. The test asks 20 questions and is for a duration of 30 minutes.

  1. Cognitive speed tests

These tests measure the prospective candidate’s cognitive ability. In general, they measure the hires’ intelligence, attention span, and processing speed. Some recruiters use these tests to measure the verbal ability, math skills, and spatial reasoning skills of the candidate.

Applications of online aptitude tests

The online aptitude tests from Mercer | Mettl have diverse applications and can be used as entrance tests and recruitment tests. It finds extensive application in the following job roles.

  • Lateral hiring: Organizations can use aptitude tests to fill different jobs in the organizational hierarchy. They can also use it for skills assessment and job promotions.
  • Campus hiring: Recruiters can use these tests to hire freshers from educational institutions as entry-level candidates for the organization.
  • Predicting job performance: Cognitive tests can easily predict the candidate’s learning ability and job performance. Thus, they can play an integral role in the learning and development strategy of the organization.
  • Entrance tests: The online aptitude tests help to filter the best candidates from a large pool of applicants. They also find extensive applications as entrance tests in coaching institutes, colleges, universities, and corporates. 


Is it possible to customize the Mercer | Mettl online aptitude test?

Yes, it is possible to customize the Mercer | Mettl test and use it to evaluate learning agility, and training needs, potential identification, and succession planning.

Online aptitude tests for employee assessment:

Mercer | Mettl offers a comprehensive suite of pre-employment assessment tests to measure the critical skills and traits of the candidate. Assessing these aspects will support the organization in devising its recruitment potential. Some of the core traits of the candidate that these online aptitude tests measure are as follows.

  • Personality traits
  • Behaviors
  • Domain skills
  • Cognitive ability
  • Communication skills etc.
Bottom Line:

Mercer | Mettl offers a comprehensive suite of online aptitude tests for employee assessment to help organizations measure the core traits of the candidate scientifically. The assessment reports can help the organization in its recruitment decisions. 

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