Factors to Consider While Buying an Air Shower from the Air Shower Manufacturers

Air Shower is a well-built and self-contained factory designed and assembled units manufactured by the top air shower manufacturersIt delivers a spray of moving air from the transported nozzles and can be installed virtually in any commercial space. An air shower is a box-centric device present at the clean room entrance. It has dust-free air filtered through a multi-layer and high purity HEPA filter for removing the dust from the clothes of the people. 

Use of Air Shower from the top air shower manufacturers

Reputed air shower manufacturers in India use precision and semiconductor equipment in manufacturing facilities. Mostly, the air showers are present at the entrance to prevent any dust or other contaminants from entering the room. It is also perfect for the pollen allergic people. 

However, you should know how to use it appropriately; otherwise, it will not achieve the expected removal effect of the dust. At first, you have to decide the standing position with a predetermined capacity and clearly mark the stop. Based on the standing position, the velocity of the air that will hit the body will increase or decrease, also reducing or increasing the removal effect. 

Next, you have to adjust the air outlet towards the standing position. In the process of air showering, you should rotate your arms 2 to 3 times so the air will blow over your entire body. When the rotation is complete, the unit from the pioneer air shower manufacturers will remain in place till the next blow. You can set the timer to about 20 seconds for 2-sided blowers and 30 seconds for one-sided models.

What are the Features of the air shower?

Air showers by the best air shower manufacturers in India include interlocking doors. It prevents unnecessary inflow of contaminants and cross-contamination of the clean room. Some models include a safety feature of power failure that automatically releases the doors during power failure for operation safety. LED lights might also be present in the ceiling. There is an emergency stop button that instantly releases the door lock to exit if there is any urgent situation.


What are the advantages of an air shower?

Air shower from the best air shower manufacturers in India offers a product and the company employees with an added protection layer from any harmful particles or contaminants. Too much particulate presence can ruin an entire pharmaceutical batch or malfunctioning equipment. An air shower prevents this type of mishap and removes any additional particulate before entering a contaminant-free space.

Factors to consider before buying an air shower from the well-known air shower manufacturers

Below are the factors that everyone should consider before buying an air shower from the top air shower manufacturers

  • Doors

Air showers have exit and entrance doors that it is impossible to open simultaneously. Workers enter from one side and exit through the opposite end. When one door opens, the magnet of the other door energizes and prevents it from opening. During the cleaning period, both doors remain locked so that no one can leave or enter the room until the process is complete.

  • Material

Air shower manufacturers use steel for the air shower construction. The products are painted with durable and strong cleanroom compatible materials. Stainless steel air showers are ideal for medical, exceptionally wet environments or pharmaceutical companies. Some air shower manufacturers in India even use laminated particleboard as the economy units. 

End Thoughts

Air shower manufacturers offer the best products that help you maintain a contamination and dust-proof area inside the factory. Air showers should always be present before the production area or testing and research center entrance. All the large and small players in the industry need air showers for contaminant-free production. 

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