Inverter Vs fixed speed air conditioners

Buying an air conditioner for a home or office is indeed a very serious decision. It is a big investment, and most of us have doubts about which type of air conditioner we have to buy. Apart from choosing between window and split air conditioner, we also have to choose between inverter and fixed-speed Acs. With inverter air conditioning, there is a difference in the compressor of the appliance. Let us discuss the advantages of both these types of air conditioning systems and choose the best among them.

Advantages of Inverter air conditioners: 

Inverter air conditioning systems have a number of advantages over its counterpart. Its advantages are as follows.

  • Inverter ACs have variable-speed compressors. Users can precisely control the way the compressor works. 
  • They make use of better refrigerants and are thus environmentally friendly.
  • They consume less power and are safe for household wiring, and we can use them for large and small rooms. 
  • Split AC 1-ton with inverter compressor is more economical and energy efficient.
  • The inverter technology allows the appliance to deliver airflow smoothly and will not push the appliance at full speed.
  •  Thus, they are cost-effective in the long run. These appliances operate very quietly for a peaceful night’s sleep. 
  • Above all, they are sustainable and mitigate environmental impact. 


Are inverter air conditioners costlier than fixed-speed ACs?

Inverter ACs have a slightly higher price tag than fixed-speed air conditioners. But considering the low maintenance cost and utility bills, this initial higher cost is worth it.

Fixed-speed air conditioners and their advantages

The non-inverter air conditioners offer a single-speed motor operation. Split AC 1 ton that works on this mechanism will turn off when it attains the required temperature. The compressor will turn back on again only when its temperature rises to a certain level. This on-and-off cycle results in a wastage of power and the appliance will also fail to maintain a constant cool temperature indoors. 

These appliances are still more advantageous than inverter air conditioning units. They have a lower cost and are ideal for those on a tight budget. Its repair charges are also low, as they do not have any movable parts to control the motor speed.

Inverter AC Vs. Fixed speed AC:

Inverter air conditioners will initially produce enough power to attain a high cooling temperature in the room. Later, it will tune its operations to maintain the cool indoor temperature that it rates without any thermal fluctuation. Its high-end technology attains complete control over the compressor motor and functions optimally. 

Inverter air conditioning systems are precise, and they are capable of rendering a more consistent cooling experience than fixed-speed air conditioners. They consume less power and help us to save a lot of money on utility bills. Inverter ACs operate quietly, whereas fixed-speed air conditioners are noisy. Above all, inverter ACs are more sustainable and eco-friendly. Because of the start and stop operation in the fixed speed air conditioners, they are hard to maintain and can break down easily. 

Bottom Line:

The inverter air conditioning systems have their compressors running at a fixed speed. It renders more control over the functioning of the compressor. This allows us to manage temperature efficiently and better. They are able to achieve consistent temperatures and are less noisy during operation. 

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