Solar Panel Price in Delhi is within the Reach of Most People

How does a solar panel system work?

If you stay in the NCR and want to install even a tiny 225-watt solar panel system at home, it’s a great idea to invest because the Solar Panel Price in Delhi is very affordable. Here, you can buy solar power products from online stores and a local solar power shop in Delhi. Lately, solar Energy has become increasingly popular as a source of renewable Energy in Delhi. There are many reasons why people prefer solar Energy for their homes. It allows them to reduce their energy costs and a chance to fulfill their responsibility as model citizens. We all know that solar power is the cleanest energy source because of its environmentally friendly qualities.

Solar Energy is the cleanest form of Energy 

solar panel system and is ideal for generating solar Energy for businesses or homeowners to generate clean and renewable electricity through sunlight. A solar system has photovoltaic (PV) panels that convert sunlight into DC electricity, eventually converted into AC electricity through an inverter. It’s important to note that we can only use AC-type electricity at home to run our appliances. In modern homes, almost every electronic gadget or appliance, such as a computer, tablet, mobile phone, air conditioner, room cooler, heater, geyser, refrigerator, and washing machine, is operated by electricity. Depending on the application, You can use solar power to run these appliances or send them to the electrical grid.

In a solar panel system, once sunlight strikes the photovoltaic cells in the panel, the sun’s Energy generates an electric field. The electric field succeeds in releasing the electron from the atom and eventually removes it from its orbit. The electron starts moving and forms an electric current in the panel. This electric current can now power various electrical applications at home or perform more extensive industrial activities. 

Solar Panel Price In Delhi 

However, the Solar panel price in Delhi depends on multiple factors. A solar system includes many essential components like a solar panel, inverter, battery, electrical fittings, and the type of installation. The most critical element is the solar panel. Hence, the size, quality, brand, and capacity of a solar panel affect the price of the solar system. Typically, the cost of a single 225-watt solar panel in Delhi varies from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 25000. The Location of the solar panel also affects the prices of Solar systems in Delhi. For example, the cost of a roof-mounted system will be different from a ground-mounted solar system.

Monthly Saving by Choosing Solar Power In Delhi

You may wonder how much money we can save monthly by installing solar power at home. The following table will give you an idea. 

System Units Saving  Rs
1 kw 5 Units 30-40/day    
1 kw 150 Units 900-1200/month  
1 kw 1800 Units10800-14400 per year
It’s evident that choosing solar Systems for your home can save you a lot of money on your monthly electricity bills.
Benefits of Solar Power

Here are some key benefits of solar power at home.

  • Solar Energy does not incur charges. Hence, you can reduce your consumption from the outside supply and pay lower electricity bills.
  • Solar Energy is not only the cleanest form of Energy but also pollution-free and reliable. It also helps improve the environment by reducing pollution and adverse environmental impacts.
  • With an excellent energy system in your house, your property value is increased.
  • You can still power your appliances if the outside electricity goes down.
  • Solar panels require less maintenance and upkeep because they last more than 30 years. 
  • The installation of solar panels in Delhi helps create energy security in the city due to its renewable nature and helps sustain the energy supply for extended periods.
  • Solar power also reduces your electricity expenditure in the long run because solar energy free, unlike conventional sources.
  • Solar Energy creates many employment opportunities and contributes to the country’s economic development.

After reading this article, you will realize the immense benefits of solar power. In case you are still trying to figure it out, begin with a mini 225 watt solar panel at your home and see how useful it is.

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