360-degree Assessment Helps Managers Identify Gaps in Employee Skills and Traits

Improvement in work is very important for an employee’s career and personal growth. There is no better way this can be achieved than from valuable feedback and assessment. This requirement is where 360-degree assessment comes into the picture. A 360-degree assessment is an important tool when discussing any employee’s work evaluation. It is a great way to get feedback from almost every segment of the business, from colleagues, seniors, to customers. 

360- degree assessment from Mercer | Mettl It is a transparent and very apt way of deciding what needs to be improved and what changes have already shown good results. A mechanism like this proves to be great in terms of growth for every organization and business. Let us look in-depth at how a 360-degree assessment helps managers identify gaps in employee skills and traits.

Advantages Of Implementing a 360-Degree Assessment

There are many advantages to it, some of them are:

  • Uniformity

A 360-degree assessment can easily fill in any gaps or inconsistencies in the skills of employees. There might be some employees who are good at some parts but lag behind in others. These assessments can help give them clarity on their weaknesses so that they get a chance to improve those parts.

  • Continued Motivation

Another advantage is that such an assessment would keep the employees motivated as long as they know they are being evaluated, so they would naturally want good results. Thus improving their overall performance at work.  

  • Maximized Profits in the Long Run

If all employees in a company work towards improving their skills, it is very imminent that the organization will reach its goals faster, and also, the profits in the long run will be maximized.

  • Better Communication

As a 360-degree assessment targets all business segments, from colleagues, seniors, to customers, it facilitates smoother communication at all levels. It leads to a fast-paced work environment. And people connect more comfortably to one another. 

  • Clear Current Picture

The company’s managers can have a clear picture of the employees’ stage in terms of working capacity, communication skills, problem-solving, and so on. 

FAQ: Is Conduction a 360-Degree Assessment Once Enough?

No, a 360-degree assessment must be conducted after equal intervals of a few months. It ensures improvement from previous negative results, and also helps in the self-growth of employees. This way, everyone can be set forth to conquer the past milestones they achieved and set goals for themselves. It is also very helpful for the managers because they are continuously updated on the performance index of each employee and how it changes. If not evaluated, it can lead to grave consequences, such as deserving and hardworking employees being undervalued and others not working up to the mark, yet being unnoticed. 

Now, Summing Up!

Choosing a reliable platform or company to generate a 360 degree assessment is the foremost important step. If you fail to take care of this part, the results won’t matter. So, choose wisely. Also, inform the provider about the requirements, so that the assessment becomes as relevant as possible for your business. 

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